Why everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime
Antwerp is the capital of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern half of the country.  It has retained an intriguing medieval heart with plenty of café-filled cobbled lanes, a riverside fortress and an impressive cathedral.  Today Antwerp’s top drawcards are its vibrant fashion and entertainment scene, along with its startling architectural and cultural contrasts.

We love Historic Monuments and Museums
Throughout the city, you will discover many other historic buildings.  The Cathedral of Our Lady dominates the city center; with its 400-foot-tall gothic spire.   Declared as UNESCO, the interior houses fine artwork, including four paintings by the master of the Flemish Baroque style- Peter Paul Rubens.

Near the cathedral you will find the central square Grote Markt, which is surrounded by exquisite buildings and the Renaissance city hall. 

Rubens' house, St. Paul's church, Carolus-Borromeus church, the medieval castle Het Steen are also worth a visit.


Even if you don’t plan on taking a train, you should visit Antwerp Central Station.  Conveniently located next to the Convention and Exhibition center, it is considered one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

If its museums you are after, then head to the brand new modern MAS.  In addition, the Museum of Fine arts houses a unique collection of paintings.

Antwerp Diamonds
Antwerp is the global diamond trade's busiest center. It is estimated that two-thirds of the world's gem-quality diamonds pass through Antwerp. This is where diamonds are brought to be traded, cut, polished, graded, set, and sold. 

Antwerp Was Born to Shop
Antwerp is a world center of edgy modern fashion, from high-end fashion to high street there is something for everybody. 

Where to Start?  Head to Meir Street
The city's main shopping pedestrian boulevard with popular European retail brands.

Pass through the Stadsfeetzaal, an elegant late- 1800s arcade with shops and a refined Champagne bar.
European and Flemish designer shops are scattered around the neighborhoods surrounding the Old Town.  The city’s best fashion shopping is to be had in the Sint-Andries quarter, especially the streets radiating off Nationalestraat.

Antwerpers love to eat and drink
Antwerp is a sophisticated multicultural town where you can find a myriad of global cuisines.

But if you want to eat like an Antwerper, consider these local specialties:

  • Mussels and fries (mosselen-friet)
  • Waterzooi: a saucy chicken or fish casserole
  • Carbonnade Flamande: beef stew made with beer
  • Belgian Chocolate: if you're a certified chocoholic, you may fall hard for Belgian chocolate. In Antwerp, chocolate is a passion. The local chocolate is made by hand and lovingly packaged.
  • Waffles: served as street food
  • Antwerp Bolleke:  The iconic beer of Antwerp with its bulbous bolleke glasses that it's served in


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