Program Sunday October 27, 2019

17.30 - 18.30 Pre-Registration 
17.30 - 18.30 Welcome Reception 

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Program Monday October 28, 2019

07.00 Registration
08.20 Welcome
Andry Vleeming, Lieven Danneels

Anatomy and Biomechanics: 
New insights into determinants and effects of mechanical load on the back 
Moderators: Jaap van Dieën & Andry Vleeming
08.25 Introduction
Jaap van Dieën
08.30 Back loading and disc health
Theo Smit
08.50 Back loading and back pain-What do we know about it? And what can we do with it?
Pieter Coenen
09.10 Can low-back loading be optimized to maintain or improve intervertebral disc health and prevent low-back pain? 
Jaap van Dieën
09.30 How do thoracolumbar fascia and intra-abdominal pressure affect the mechanical loading of the low-back? 
Mark Driscoll
09.50 Relationships between trunk muscle activation and thoraco-lumbar kinematics
in direction-related non-specific chronic low back pain subgroups during a sagittal bending task  
Rebecca Hemming
10.00 Subgrouping children and adolescents with non-specific chronic low back pain: preliminary multifactor cluster analysis
based on psychosocial, biomechanical and physical parameters
Anne Tabard Fougère
10.10 Dynamic lumbar intervertebral motion sharing in back pain patients and controls
Alan Breen
10.20 Discussion
10.35 Morning break

Motor Control: Integration with modern pain neuroscience and making it work
Moderator: Paul Hodges
11.05 Introduction
Paul Hodges
11.10 Differentiating pain mechanisms based on modern pain neuroscience
Ruth Chimenti
11.30 A model for matching management (including motor control) to pain mechanisms
Paul Hodges
11.50 Motor control and different pain mechanism groups
Anneleen Malfliet 
12.10 Movement Break
12.15 New evidence of efficacy of management movement impairments in chronic low back pain: What does it take to make a change and does it work?
Linda van Dillen
12.35 Finding the central in centralized pain: Connectivity between the sensorimotor and pain networks in the human brain
Jason Kutch
12.55 Discussion
13.10 Lunch Break

Surgical selection for degenerative low back pain: How helpful is the literature?
In cooperation with NASS (North American Spine Society)

Moderators: F. Todd Wetzel & Heidi Prather
14.10 Introduction
F. Todd Wetzel
14.15 What constitutes “good” literature?
Max Aebi
14.35 The end of “Non-specific Low Back Pain”
F. Todd Wetzel
14.55 Proper non-operative care- the final word  
Heidi Prather 
15.20 Discussion moderated by Heidi Prather
15.30 Afternoon Break 
16.00 Does the evidence support surgery for back pain?  
Marek Szpalski 
16.25 When is back pain not back pain?
F. Todd Wetzel
16.40 Questions and closing remarks
F. Todd Wetzel & Heidi Prather
17.00 Closure